Best Smartwatches for Kids

Best Smartwatches for Kids – Technology has reached a new degree. You can now help control your child with the assistance of smartwatches. Of course, however, your child has to be willing to wear one. The question arises:

What smart watches will satisfy both the parent and the kids?

When picking a watch you want to think about the features. What’s the design like? Is it very important to have matches? Do you need to monitor how busy your child is? Are you wanting to purchase one for a teen?

Kids in the 21st century are now very utilized to using technology around them and are more than capable to utilize such gadgets.

This report presents best kids smart watch in 2019. For every product, we’ll talk about all of the relevant features that will make it straightforward to produce the best decision.

Top 12 Best Smartwatches for Kids

We start our guide with our recommended watches for children of ages 4 – 12 years old. If you’re looking for something for children that are somewhat older then look out for number five, which is ideal for annoying teenagers!

1. Pebble Time – Ages 10+

Pebble Time

The Pebble Time a very nicely designed and very affordable smartwatch. Though it isn’t specifically built for youngsters, the simplistic nature of this port and durable build (sturdy glass screen, marine level bezel & water resistant) make it a fantastic alternative. It seems really cool too and I understand this is possibly the most significant thing for a teen!

This system features notification alarms, quick answers, and voice notes utilizing the built-in mic. Additionally, it has discreet alerts, a calendar, events and much more. It employs the Pebble Appstore that comprises a large number of downloadable games, programs and watch faces that you tinker with.

The battery life can be really great, and it is something which can not be stated for several smartwatches for this many purposes. The battery lasts around seven days at one time.


  • Always active e-paper display with LED
  • Pebble Health: Activity and sleep tracker with insights
  • Pebble Appstore: Thousands of apps, games and watch faces
  • Water resistant up to 30 meters
  • Battery lasts up to 7 days

Recommended Age: 10+

2. VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX2 – Ages 4 to 12

vtech kidizoom dx2

The VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX2 isn’t just a wise device but also a standard digital camera for smaller children. A characteristic that the children are going to enjoy is the capacity to use the images as watch faces.

Especially constructed for children it has all of the attributes a child dreams of. You will find built-in games such as a augmented reality monster capturing sport along with the movement sensor means busy play challenges could be set. There is a pedometer to count steps and also a parental control feature in order that playtime could be restricted. The varying watch faces and noise effects may even be used to help children learn how to tell the moment.

It costs with the Micro USB cable that’s also utilized to get new games, watch faces, and learning tasks. It is splashproof and sweatproof . however, it can not be completely submerged and thus don’t take it swimming!


  • Fancy design and colors for small kids
  • Camera with video recording
  • Built-in games, activities, and action challenges
  • Learning Lodge: Includes lots of downloadable content
  • Clock, stopwatch, calendar, voice recorder and more
  • Full parental control

Recommended Age: 4-12

3. VTech Star Wars Stormtrooper – Ages 5 to 11

Vtech Star wars watch

I’d have enjoyed this when I was a child anyway.

It is quite much like the previous watch we advocated, the DX2. It boasts fairly much exactly the exact same hardware such as the touchscreen and camera but in addition, it includes some impressive new capabilities.

To begin you will find the exclusive Star Wars actions which have racing with BB-8, escaping the wicked Stormtroopers, and hammering through asteroids. All these make use of their watches movement sensor to create them more interactive. The photographs also could be built to have a Star Wars theme with all the built-in templates.

There is a Star Wars sound effects program included also.

Besides all of the Star Wars based attributes it also does the principles. You are able to alter the watch faces also.

Evidently, this will not be for everybody’s tastes but for all those who have a penchant for Star Wars, it is a must-have!


  • Camera and video recording
  • Star Wars sound EFX app
  • Motion sensor-based activities
  • Alarm, calendar, calculator, stopwatch, and pedometer included
  • Star Wars photo templates

Recommended Age: 5-10

4. Garmin Vivofit Jr 2 – Ages 4 – 12

Garmin Vivofit junior

Each watch includes a particular animation or film and can be decorated in a special style in addition to including motif particular apps.

Garmin makes exceptional fitness predicated smartwatches and this is not any different. It intends to make fitness more enjoyable for children with interactive movie-themed pursuits. The Captain America view, as an instance, allows children to advance from the Ultron’s Revenge: A Marvel Adventures Mission program by attaining daily fitness and activity objectives. It is a smart idea which gets the children out and away from your tv.

The program also allows things such as chores to be contained in the benefit system. Parents may schedule chores out of their smartphone (utilizing the program ) and send an alert to the kid’s wristwatch which reveals them that tasks have to get accomplished. If they have homework to do but are out playing, simply send them an alarm!

Parents may keep tabs on the total amount of exercise that their kid is doing using the program. Got a sense they have been playing with computer games rather than running around outdoors? Just check the program to ensure!

The Garmin Vivofit Jr two also promotes friendly competition which makes workout fun.

The downsides? Being a Garmin it’s a little on the costly side.


  • Fully waterproof
  • Themed activities
  • Parental Personal Assistant app
  • Reminder alerts & alarms
  • Step challenges
  • 60 minute activity rewards
  • One year battery life (no charging)

Recommended Age: 4-12

5. Huami Amazfit Bip – Ages 12+

Just like they’ve with mobiles, the large Chinese producers have come and massively undercut the large market players. The Amazfit Bip is a prime example, in which best attributes are discovered at a really aggressive cost.

The Amazfit Bip comes in a selection of colours and weighs only 1.1 ounces. It’s quite a minimalist appearance with a large, colour LCD touchscreen (that is constantly on) that’s very clear and precise.

It gives some wonderful battery life, using one charge giving around 30 days of usage. Obviously, you are not going to acquire close 30-days of usage if you are a normal consumer of GPS and heart rate monitoring since these are rather drain on power.

The GPS and optical heartbeat monitoring features make it possible for things such as steps, space, sleep qualityand calories burned off to be computed. Sports activities may also be monitored with specific modes for jogging, biking, and walking.

There is also a Bluetooth connection to a smartphone so that you may be alerted of calls, messages, and societal networking action.

We love this view! It is difficult to fault actually, thinking about the very low price-tag.


  • GPS
  • Heart rate monitorer
  • Up to 30 days battery life
  • Activity tracking
  • Amazing value
  • Durable

Recommended Age: 12+

6. LG Gizmopal 2 – Ages 4 to 10

GizmoPal 2

The LG Gizmopal two is largely a GPS watch that’s excellent for checking the positioning of your children. It works with a mobile connection given by Verizon. This implies that so as to produce the item work properly, you’ll need to receive it from Verizon having an active subscription program.

This wearable technologies includes real time GPS monitoring together with GEO fences to jump youngsters motion.

Another parenting characteristic within this watch is that the capability for two-way voice calling. People that are too young to get a mobile phone can be offered for this LG Gizmopal two as an alternate.

This is the best GPS safety watch for parents who can not help but stress.


  • Real-time GPS watch using Verizon
  • Two-way voice calling up to 4 contacts
  • Kids-friendly colorful design
  • Caller Alert, Auto Answer, GEO Fences
  • Voice clock, voice recorder, voice prompts

Recommended Age: 4-10

7. Kurio Watch 2.0+ – Ages 6 – 14

Kurio watch 2.0+

It comes including apps and games that may even be linked with additional Kurio watches for 2-player entertaining. It may socialize with other Android apparatus and watches with Bluetooth. This implies pictures and messages can be transmitted and received .

Additionally, it comprises a camera which will take ridiculous selfies and capture video also. There are many different filter frames and effects that enable you to play the images and make them silly as you can! Additionally, it has the power to be utilized as a player. The 256 Megabyte internal memory is not huge but you are able to keep some of your favourite tunes on the market.

Additionally, there are regular smartwatch attributes like an action tracker, alarmclock, stopwatch, calculator, and calendar.

There is also an extremely beneficial emergency program included that enables parents to enter some relevant medical information like allergies as well as an emergency contact number.


  • Apps and games included
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Music player
  • Camera and video recording
  • Alarm, activity tracker, stopatch, calendar, & calculator
  • Emergency app

Recommended Age: 6-14

8. Omate Wherecom K3 – Ages 6 to 10

Omate Wherecom K3

It’s a 3G sim card slot also supports the making of restricted phone calls.

It’s a set of pre-installed programs with a pedometer, audio, gallery, and alert. Omate’s attempt is observed within this watch since they strove to make this android wear predicated smartwatch for children.

For their parents, they’ve established the K3 Management App to monitor location through GPS and command anything else. This program will work alongside some parental control system for your opinion.


  • Built on top of Android 5.1 with kid-friendly interface
  • Restricted phone calls with SOS support
  • Includes GPS, WiFi, and Bluetooth connectivity
  • A set of apps preinstalled with management

Recommended Age: 6-10

9. Tencent QQWatch – Ages 4 to 10

Tencent QQwatch

The Tencent QQWatch is a GPS enabled smartwatch which also gets the capacity to text and call by means of a nano sim card behind a 2G data program (T-Mobile is suggested for the US).

You are able to monitor your child utilizing the GPS system inside it and it’s been backed up using an SOS attribute to send an emergency message to linked household members.


  • Supports two-way communication with sim card
  • GPS tracking system backed up with SOS
  • Text message, voice message, group chat
  • Pedometer, reminder, alarm, parental control

Recommended Age: 4-10

10. LeapFrog LeapBand – Ages 4 to 7

LeapFrog LeapBand

The LeapFrom LeapBand is a activity tracker for children that’s preloaded with 50 energetic challenges with unlockable characters therefore that it is going to make children move increasingly more lively.

This smartwatch isalso, as the official asserts, best for producing the practice of doing tasks and forming very good health. The programs and games inside are constructed like that.

The LeapBand is water resistant and also the attributes are shielded with parental controls.


  • Fun activity tracker made for kids
  • Preloaded with 50 active challenges
  • Achievements that encourage doing activities
  • Water resistant with active parental control

Recommended Age: 4-7

11. GreaSmart – Ages 4 to 9

GreaSmart Kids Smartwatch

It is made specifically for children. It supports a micro sim card to empower two-way communicating and GPS+LBS discovering system using SOS.

Even though it supports a sim card, there are a few constraints and it does not encourage all carriers. It’s encouraged to utilize T-Mobile or even SpeedTalk sim cards, and it won’t operate at all with carriers such as Verizon, AT&T or Sprint.


  • Two-way communication with sim card support
  • GPS+LBS location tracking system
  • Features a camera and a flashlight on its side
  • Calls, voice message, clock, alarm and more

Recommended Age: 4-9

12. Amazingforless – Ages 6 to 10


Amazingforless is among the least expensive Bluetooth watches available at Amazon. Just be warned, the port is not as slick as some thing like a Garmin smartwatch for children.

Though the purchase price is quite inexpensive, it sports a touchscreen display as well as many characteristics you might have in a normal smartwatch. The most obvious thing is it supports a sim card also works standalone.

It’s also a simple pedometer which will permit you to track tasks like measures, distance and track your sleep.


  • Dial or receive calls from the wrist
  • Pedometer tracks activity
  • Supports sim card and works standalone
  • Camera control, music control, phone notifications

Recommended Age: 6-10

Kids Smart Watches Buying Guide

How we chose


You might observe that kids’s smart watches are extremely distinct from one another in their own characteristics. When there’s a GPS in 1 watch, then others there might not be a one. The price tag, exact place, a high number of matches and much more.


When I was searching for the best gadgets with this particular review, I came across a massive number of smart watches for children. Many of these had no testimonials. This doesn’t indicate they are bad. This usually means I prefer products which have been analyzed. I attempted to add in the listing of smart watches which have testimonials.


Normally you’re purchasing gadget for yourself, but with children’s smart watches, you’ve got to consider the interests of their child. Below is written concerning the qualities of smart watches. If you examine them, you may readily opt for the standards of utility.

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